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Cape Chronicles

By Rodayne Esmay

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Cape Chronicles is a fantasy platformer where heroes battle beastly minions using elemental powers of fire, lightning, ice and more to carve through perilous 2.5D interactive castles. Cape Chronicles is a hybrid of classic platform gaming with modern gameplay concepts. Bravely risk all unaided or encounter new adventures through multiplayer co-op.


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Helium Interactive LLC


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Cape Chronicles will be developed for multiple platforms including the OUYA, which has just been recently announced. We have already purchased a developer kit from this company and will be among the first in the country to receive ours. This was an offer made available only for a limited time, and with the window now closed we are ensured exposure for our product as the console is brought to market. Cape Chronicles will be ready to launch with the initial distribution of the OUYA. We believe that the core gaming audience will embrace a game that can deliver a deep experience, co-op play, interesting choices with more control over how the game is played. We're committed to delivering a quality game that includes these elements.


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You are a knight who can harness the power of the elements to aid in conquering the challenges placed in your way. You can dynamically swap powers to engage and defeat quirky enemies, solve challenging puzzles, and seek artifacts to amplify your elemental powers. The benefit of 4 player games is that the experience changes every time you play depending on those you invite to play. Extensively play tested in prototype form, Cape Chronicles has an appealing fun factor. Within the game itself, players guide their characters through game levels using elemental powers, testing them and gaining appropriate rewards as a result. As play continues, abilities are systematically but carefully increased, to ensure proper pacing. Combinations of player abilities as the game progresses will keep players engaged and curious. By voting for our project you are supporting strong game play and solid design.


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Our team consists of passionate developers who have poured countless hours into their areas of expertise. We are committed to produce visually rich characters and environments with mechanics that are simple and unique. We understand the process of designing a well-balanced game.


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We are self-funded. The cash award will allow us to complete and expand this game for multiple platforms, which is our ultimate goal. It will also allow us to build additional levels, enemies, bosses and achievements.


October 9, 2012 - Thank You Everyone!

We are overwhelmed by your support and dedication to helping our team and happy to see such a strong interest in our project. Soon there will be a public blog available that will show progress as the game unfolds.

Our next milestone is preparing our first level for the IDMAa (International Digital Media and Arts Association) competition in Miami November 8th. There is another Game Conference, Push Button Summit which is in the end of November. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Helium Interactive Team

January 31, 2013 - Project Update

Hello Everyone!
Good news, Cape Chronicles is currently in full production. Here is a little update on what has happened over the last few months:
The Salt Valley Tally competition helped ignite a strong community of support for our title. The team worked hard to deliver a prototype that was taken to the iDMAa conference in Miami, November 6th. Our efforts were recognized and we took home an international award for Game Design. We also attended Push Button Summit, a local game development conference where we received attention from nearby industry professionals. After proving the concept behind our game through testing our first demo we have since scrapped all previous assets. We took the opportunity to submit our completely rebuilt level to the OUYA Create Game Jam earlier this month. The team is excited to keep working hard toward a great final product and are appreciative of the support Salt Valley Tally gave our team. Our awarded funds went toward a minority of software licenses and computer hardware we needed to start official production. We will continue to build, test, and polish in the coming months. To keep up to date on our latest progress visit us at
Cape Chronicles Team

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  • Rodayne Esmay



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