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By John Fenley

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What are you going to do?

That VHS tape in your basement is almost worthless now. What If you could stream it to your iPad? What if you could sell it instantly in a global marketplace to the highest bidder? That's what we're trying to build. We store all your media from VHS to Blu-rays, 8-tracks to CDs, comic books to dictionaries. You will stream it all to any device, and participate in a media marketplace where you can buy and sell items instantly. This is what the future of media looks like.


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Crossies LLC


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We do the work of space shifting all your old media to the format of the future... the cloud.


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Do you have a box of VHS in your basement? Have you ever streamed a movie on Netflix, even though the DVD is sitting on your shelf? If so, then you need this product, and we're doing our best to get it to you.


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We have been working on this problem for quite a few years, and we are quite close to getting our solution out the door.


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We are in dire need of a good user interface, and the prize money will go directly into making Crossies fantastic.


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