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Space - A true cross-platform experience

By Jordan Goulding

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What are you going to do?

We are going to create an interconnected multiplayer experience. We will start by developing games for various platforms (android, iOS, PC) which will allow the consumer to play cooperatively or against other consumers, regardless of the platform. Each of these games, though enjoyable on their own, will provide cross-game benefits for the consumer's character, all within the universe of "Space".


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Rainblade Studios LLC


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"Space" takes the epic experience and social interaction of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and puts it in the hands of both casual and hardcore gamers, without requiring long hours of sitting in front of a computer monitor. You take the "Space" with you, wherever you go. On each platform, each game, the experience will be different, but your character in "Space" persists, and benefits from every genre of game you play. In giving consumers multiple genres to experience, and multiple ways to "level-up" the character, we remove the arduous element of repetitive gameplay, a characteristic found in most MMOs. All of this, fun by itself, will also be able to be enjoyed with a friend. Multiplayer will be a key element, and provides enjoyable replay-value. Play at home, play at the bus stop. Play by yourself, play with your friends. Play against your friends, or your enemies... The choice is yours.


Describe, in detail, why voters should back this project.

Voters should back "Space" because we are using cutting-edge technology to develop a true cross-platform experience, directed towards the consumer. "Space" will blur the line between the hardcore and casual experience, and deliver a universe that continues wherever you are, and whenever you want.


Describe why you feel your team is capable of achieving your vision.

Our company consists of passionate gamers who grew up playing MMOs. Driven by this passion for video games, we have started Rainblade Studios with the intent to develop new and unique MMO experiences. With a history of finishing products, starting with the Student Academy Award nominated film, "The Lizard and the Ladder", we recently completed Fan Battle, a proof-of-concept app for a private company. This product successfully tested the cutting-edge technology being implemented within "Space". Our team hits deadlines, and is not afraid of crunch time. Our history proves it, and our love for video games ensures it.


If you win a cash prize, what will you do with the money?

Any cash received will go towards "Space", ensuring we have the resources needed to complete and deliver our product. Specifically, the money will be used to upgrade our software licenses, and contribute to our marketing campaign.


October 8, 2012 - Final Push

Hey all,


Final push: For the final 2 days of voting, all voters will now have the opportunityt to win a $250 gift card, if we make it into the top 5. Same rules apply, see here:


Remember, vote = 1 entry

Facebook like = 2 entries

Facebook share = 3 entries.

1 $250 gift card will be given away, plus 2 additional $100 gift cards, if we make it into the top 5. Otherwise, just 1 $100 gift card will be given away.


Thanks. We will be showing off a playable demo tomorrow at various schools. Contact us via Facebook for more info.


October 4, 2012 - New Information

We have a facebook page, with updated concept art. Added an in-game screenshot, as well as a Level Concept piece. Check it out, and "like" it. We will try to update consisitently.

Also added a twitter account, @RainbladeStudio. Feel free to follow us on this adventure. Tweets by Jordan Goulding.

So far, things are progressing. We hope to have a game-play video, showing our progress, by this weekend. Stay tuned, and thanks for the support!


-Rainblade Studios

Primary Contact


  • Jordan Goulding



Team Members


  • Jordan Goulding


    Jordan Goulding is a co-owner of Rainblade Studios LLC, which is a digital media studio located in Provo, UT. Rainblade Studios specializes in animation and video-game development, especially for the mobile platforms. Jordan graduated from Utah Valley University with a B.S. in Digital Media with an emphasis in Animation. He was the Lead Animator on the Student Academy Award Nominated short, "The Lizard and the Ladder".

  • C. Kalama Varner


    C. Kalama Varner is another co-owner of Rainblade Studios LLC in Provo, UT. He graduated from Utah Valley University as well with a B.S. in Digital Media as well and specializes in Cinematic and In-Game VFX. He worked on VFX and animation for "Lizard and the Ladder".

  • Michael Robertson


    Michael Robertson is the third and final co-owner of Rainblade Studios LLC. A graduate from Utah Valley University with a B.S. in Digital Media, and another contributor to the animated short "The Lizard and The Ladder". Changing interests from 3D Animation to Computer Science in the last year of his degree, he has become the lead programmer and technical wizard of Rainblade Studios.