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Mayflower: The Seeker

By Michael Daly

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The Seeker puts you in the boots of a pilot tasked with hunting down terrorists, moles, and other targets - often those that blend in with civilians. You'll have to scan your targets to find corrupted registrations, track them, and keep them from completing their task, which more often than not, results in large explosions. The Seeker is a mix of action, puzzle-solving, and tracking gameplay, with a story told by illustrated cutscene art. Play The Alpha Build!


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Commonwealth Industries


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Mayflower: The Seeker Play the Demo!


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Commonwealth Industries is built on the idea that indie games can have both intriguing stories and meaningful gameplay. We see the casual game market and, while we think there is a place for these types of games, it's time to bring back games that create lasting experiences for the players that play them.


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Commonwealth Studios is dedicated to the art of storytelling and gameplay. We believe a good interactive experience lies at the nexus of these two disciplines. When you back us, you're backing a future where games are the product of passion and experience and not a bottom line.


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With projects in multiple disciplines under our belt, Commonwealth Industries is a talented, highly capable, and very focused group of folks with the passion and drive that pushes us to create the types of experiences we see as being the foundation of a memorable game.


If you win a cash prize, what will you do with the money?

First, we'll purchase Unity licenses for our developers and designers. Next, we'll invest in hardware for our artists so we can provide the highest quality vision-to-reality working environment. Anything left over will be used for contract work that we can't do ourselves (3D models mostly).


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  • Michael Daly




Team Members


  • Levi Hoffmeier